A full-service business advisory firm

Guiding you through your most critical business decisions

You’re in experienced hands, with first-class business advisory services that provide the clarity, strategy, and confidence you need to achieve and exceed your goals. Our culture is built on developing enduring interpersonal relationships with our clients and we genuinely take pleasure and professional pride in supporting their success.

Providing the clarity, strategy, and confidence you need to succeed

Our Services

With our comprehensive advisory services and enduring client relationships, you can trust us to support your success.


We custom-fit solutions to your exact goals, taking a proactive, hands-on approach that allows us to spot potential hurdles and circumvent them before they become a problem.

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Government Incentives

Our government grant experts can help you traverse this complicated landscape and take advantage of the financial assistance that these programs have to offer.

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Our auditing and assurance services are designed to ensure stronger governance and compliance for businesses. With our expertise in navigating complex financial reporting rules, we provide comprehensive and reliable solutions.

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Finance Function

The CharterNet Rothsay Finance Function puts a financial expert in your corner, so you’ll always make sound decisions that improve your cash flow and put your money to best use.

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Corporate Secretarial

We provide the support you need to grow your business, from assisting with board reporting and compliance with statutory obligations through to entity establishment and corporate restructuring.

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The attention you deserve

At CharterNet Rothsay, we deliver exceptional services to all of our valued clients, and it’s been that way since we first opened in 1991. Since then, our dedicated teams have worked to build a solid foundation of trust that endures to this day. We are able to do this with professionalism and pride.

There is a profound depth to our team’s skills, knowledge, and passion. Each member brings something to the table. The exceptional breadth of experience means we can assist you with all your accounting needs. Such assistance covers tailor-made business advice packages and responsive compliance.

The collective experience and a passion for helping our valued clients mean we can offer our expertise no matter your industry or business scale. We specialise in but aren’t limited to auditing, assurance, compliances, taxation, accounting, financial reporting, superannuation, SMSF and other services.

Experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable chartered accountants

A reliable, reputable business advisory firm you can trust.

CharterNet Rothsay is a full-service business advisory firm, which has established a reputation based on reliability, efficiency and attention to detail. We are committed to helping you to achieve your business objectives. We take the stress out of managing finances and making financial decisions.

We have extensive experience as a team and we understand what it takes to remain agile and adaptable in the world of modern business. We work with our clients to solve problems, identify effective, tailored solutions, facilitate growth and development and support ambitions. We want to make a positive difference.

CharterNet Rothsay was established in 1991. Our goal was to provide clients with exceptional services that offer more than conventional accounting. Our culture and ethos are based on developing relationships, which stand the test of time, understanding our clients’ needs and preferences and being there to support our customers.

We take great pride in the relationships we have with our clients and we believe that paying attention to our customers is what sets us apart. We take the time to get to know each client and we draw up and implement strategies that are targeted to the individual company or customer. Maintaining relationships is integral to our success.

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