The numbers man who weighed up the odds

Interview by Tim Mullen, Partner at See The Forest Sameer Kassam isn’t your typical accountant. Far from the stereotypical image of someone in a crisp pressed shirt, plain coloured tie, gelled hair and glasses, Sameer looks more like a young startup founder – and that’s because he is. We’re in a meeting room in his offices in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. It’s a Friday and despite his usual attire of a well tailored suit, Sameer is sitting across from me in a plain white tee, jeans and trainers. He’s well groomed and despite his casual nature carries with him a distinct air of professionalism. I’ve worked with Sameer for a few years now. His firm is called CharterNet, something he started with Co-Founder Saeed Mirzakhani 6 years ago after the pair saw a gap in the professional services being provided to early-stage businesses. The duo come with considerable credentials; both are ex-big four, PWC to be exact. Deciding to leave the corporate life they first cut their teeth in smaller boutiques to give them the experience needed to eventually make the jump to building something for themselves. Today, they have a clear focus, drawing on their strengths in both government grants and CFO and tax advisory services. Keep reading the interview