Proactively manage company secretarial and corporate compliance with our expert team

From entity establishment to expansion, our corporate secretarial team provides support all along the way.

We are an innovative secretarial, corporate governance and compliance service
 helping boards make better decisions.

CharterNet’s Corporate Secretarial team provide the support you need to grow your business,
from assisting with board reporting and compliance with statutory obligations through to entity
establishment and corporate restructuring.

What Does Your Business Need?


This function builds the foundational blocks a business needs to become a firm. The management of minutes, agendas, notice of meetings involves the preparation and collation of critical documentation that ensures all business decisions, big and small, are monitored and maintained for various compliance and due diligence purposes.

This also relates to the registers and tables maintained across shareholding, capital and officeholders. Ultimately the all-encompassing solution ensures you have the relevant documentation and resources ready for your next big milestone.

Corporate Actions and

Providing a strong foundational base and comprehensive platform to ensure all compliance obligations are taken care of at all levels of business. This includes management of share, officeholder or address changes in addition to annual company review and solvency declarations.

Attending to these obligations in a timely and accurate manner, significantly reduces the risk of breaches or fines – all while keeping your business on track for continued growth. Our services are flexible and suit a range of companies whether they be private, public, listed or international subsidiaries.


Providing you with an embedded outsourced function that works within your business as company secretary to fulfil a comprehensive range of secretarial duties and processes – all without having to hire internally. We take care of all requirements and necessary administrative functions including stakeholder organisation and attendance and assistance in director and general (shareholder) meetings.

As part of this process, our ongoing governance advisory means we continuously develop new processes, and practices to ensure all charters, internal policies and procedures are taken care of at the highest standards.


The Good Governance Difference

We work with hundreds of fast growing companies and there is one really important differentiator between start-ups and those that grow into established category leaders.

And that is strong corporate governance.

It is the discipline and consistency that separates leaders from the pack.

Why Partner with CharterNet?

When you engage CharterNet, you will be benefiting from a team of seasoned professionals who know what it takes to run businesses smoothly.

Our company secretaries work alongside our Chartered Accountants, who can also support with outsourced finance functions, government incentives as well as tax & advisory.

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